Harmony Hills is a quiet country getaway for your pet to stay and have their own private indoor area, with heat and air conditioning, connected to their own private outdoor space. Your pet will get comfortable and have a very calm and safe experience.

The business was established in 1974 as Rolan Hills Kennel by Rolan Eisch. In 2000 Rolan sold the property and business to Bill and Barb Rients, and in 2012 they changed the name to Harmony Hills Pet Boarding and Grooming. In February of 2017 the Rients’ sold the property and business to Shaun and Brittney Meier Cox; both graduated college with accounting degrees. They both have had pets all their lives and have big hearts for animals.

Brittney is the main person running the business, and Shaun works in Middleton and helps with the business when he is home. Brittney grew up on the Meier dairy farm across the road from the kennel, and grew up taking care of dogs, cats, calves, and a variety of other animals including cows, goats, sheep, rabbits, and horses. Since a teenager Brittney has held customer service positions at Dairy Queen (Monroe), JC Penney (Baraboo), Amcore Bank (Baraboo), and the Baraboo Bakery. After graduating college she had an accounting position at Scientific Protein Laboratories (Waunakee). After getting married to Shaun Cox they moved back to the Monroe area and Brittney worked at a dog boarding and daycare facility for just under a year before having their second child. Brittney knew Bill and Barb Rients really well since they were neighbors while she was growing up and they have two girls around the same ages as Brittney and her sister. Bill and Barb knew that Brittney had worked at a kennel, has a passion for working with animals, and that she has a good work ethic from growing up on the farm. They asked if Brittney and Shaun would be interested in purchasing the property and business from them, so they would have the ability to go on trips or take care of family matters. Brittney and Shaun thought that it would be perfect for them because they love animals, and Brittney would love to be in customer service again, and she would love to “work from home”, and it is a beautiful country place very close to their family. Everything worked out for them to be able to purchase the property and business, so on February 10th, 2017 they closed on the property and took over the business operations. Bill stayed on for a few months teaching Brittney how to groom dogs, and answering any questions that came up.

The first year was very successful, and the second year is starting off even better! Thank you to all of our wonderful customers, family, and friends for all your continued business and support!