In the kennel all of the dog runs are indoor and outdoor accessible, so the dogs can go in and out as they please. They have their own private runs. They are able to see dogs around them, but they aren’t able to have contact with them. This is so dogs don’t have to wait to be taken outside, and they don’t have to be handled by anyone else if they are timid. Cat kennels are indoor only. The indoor areas are heated and air conditioned. So once the dogs are familiar with the surroundings it is a very calm and safe experience. Except when customers come then all the dogs bark, so I’m the only one that gets to see the dogs calm.

We allow customers to bring whatever they would like to bring for their pets, but we don’t require them to bring anything if they don’t want to. We have a high quality dog food from Beast Buffet, and beds, blankets, dishes, toys, treats, and so on. But we do require dogs to be on a leash and cats in a carrier. We also require rabies and distemper vaccines, and highly recommend bordetella also known as kennel cough, and recommend regular flea and tick treatment since we are in the country.


*Currently not taking grooming appointments.



Dogs: $20/day | 2 together $34/day | 3 together $46/day | 4 together $52/day
Cats: $16/day | 2 together $26/day | 3 together $32/day

Dogs: $20/day
2 together $34/day
3 together $46/day
4 together $52/day
Cats: $16/day
2 together $26/day
3 together $32/day

We charge per calendar day, so the charges include the day of drop off and pick up.

GROOMING (Dogs Only)

*Currently not taking grooming appointments.

*Currently not taking grooming appointments.

All of our services are taxable, and sales tax is not included in any of our prices. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.


Monday–Friday: 8–10 am & 4–6 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 4–6 pm
Closed Holidays

Mon–Fri: 8–10 am & 4–6 pm
Sat & Sun: 4–6 pm
Closed Holidays

All business is done by appointment only during lobby hours, because we live on the property and are not always at the kennel during business hours.